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Treading water like you wouldn't believe

Having gone through the usual channels, I've just managed to get a referral to my local Centre for Adults with AD/HD, who will have time for me by, get this, mid-April. I've also managed to register for about 50% more courses than is generally held to be A Good Idea, this period, and agreed to take on an extra shift at work.

Sometimes I smegging hate myself.

In about a fortnight, it's off to Luxembourg for the final performance in this season's run of Il Sant'Alessio, a trip I initially arranged for in July of last year. The idea had been to just nip off all on my oddy knocky, but the France 3 webcast of one of the performances in Caen prompted a gentleman of my acquaintance to insist he accompany me. I have to confess I'm not entirely sure what to make of this, but as it seems to imply that he's either really into hard-core baroque opera, or he's really into me, I suppose it's a win-win situation all round. Also, he's agreed to drive us both to Brussels the week after, for a Jaroussky recital with Artaserse and Nuria Rial, whom I don't know yet.

One more thing: why is it that I do not tend to find out about releases until several months afterwards? Jes - did you know about this?
Tags: ad/hd, edwyn collins, philippe jaroussky
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Hey! I found your journal searching for Rodney Gilfry on the interest bar! I LOVE his voice! Would you like to be friends? :)