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If you want a happy life...

... You could do worse than seeking out some of the stuff Geoff Berner, ashkenazic-Canadian punk accordeonist and the one and only Whiskey Rabbi, has been doing over the past few years. He might even be making an appearance near you over the next few weeks, and it's at live gigs that the man's inspired insolence comes across best. Although the material tends to be smegging hilarious all by itself, gigs are even better, due to the running commentary on both the songs themselves, the venues, and whatever happens to be deemed deserving of a mention at the time.

If you can't make it to a live performance, I'd suggest starting with his 2005 Whiskey Rabbi album - here's a link to the title track. From what I've heard of his latest, The Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride, it's somewhat less accessible - angry rather than funny, though tracks like the eponymous* Widow Bride and Can't Stay Dry are pure gold with a pH of at least 13**.

He popped by Park Transwijk last week to brighten up the Counter Culture Festival, and I'm still not sure whether to be ashamed or proud of the fact that, thanks to my (generally dormant) madd hunting 'n' gathering skillz and a 50-cents-per-cup deposit refundable at the bar, I left the festival with some €11 more than I'd brought along.

Also, more gangly Gallic countertenorial goodness! Can I get an "aw+", ladies and gentlemen?

* Man, I'd been wanting to use that words for ages...
** That is, pretty smegging caustic.
Tags: alternative, berner, festival, jaroussky
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Oi! Are you back yet? Just ignoring me? No love for Jes? How can their be no love for Jes?!

I've missed you :(

And "aw+"!
No, no, buckets of Jes love! Looks like LJ bollocksed up my comment notifications again...

Icon love too, btw. Is that the Doctor, then? Still looking for the series 2 box set; the only episode I managed not to miss when it was on was Love & Monsters, which I hear gets no love from the fandom. I personally don't mind anything that has both Shirley Henderson (in a silly hat / uncomfortable make-up) and Marc Warren (as I recall, quite a bit of him) in it.

Oh, and - missed you too, babes.
Yeah, that the Doctor! Also known as Barty Crouch, jr. from the POA film <3

Did you get your messenger fixed, yet?
What, Y!M? Nah, got too many of them already - you still using Trillian? Does that work with MSN messenger? I got that one, no problem. OKCupid's got an IM thingy, too, don't it?

Also, do you wanna take part in my thesis research thingy? I'll mail you a link through yer hotmail account, awright?
Yes, it works with MSN (I'm though the email doesn't work, as you have found!). I'll have a looky through your research and hopefully talk to you soon :)