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Eight more days...

...And I'll be off the SSRI's I've been on for over five years now. I went from 20 to 10 mg a day last month, and the main thing that did is leave me the most awake I've been in years (though not half as oversexed as I'd been dreading; must have been lingering puberty cranking up the testosterone back in 2000). My psychiatrist ("Call me Anne") says cutting down isn't as big a deal as completely letting go, though, and to expect about two days of lows per week for a while.

I expect to weather the storm well enough. Speaking of tempests, I've finally started a letter to Jos. Can't say at this point whether I'll have it finished before he concludes his treatment in a month or two, I've always been better at starting things than finishing them. Then again, my potential readership for that treatise comparing Adès' Tempest to Thomas Mann's concept of Life versus Art seems to be growing, so that might provide an additional impetus.

Work at the army base is... interesting. Hectic, definitely. I rather fear for our senior planner's blood pressure, in fact. All these people tugging at her with their impossible demands, and me hovering at her desk with some clueless newbie question. Poor woman.

Had a great laugh, today, though. See, people fax in requesting facilities on a certain date, and we deal with these requests, not in the order in which they come in, but according to the dates they pertain to. If you send in a request for December fifteenth today, and next week, you send in another request for the thirteenth, the latter will be dealt with before the former. At about four, with slightly less than an hour to go until the end of the working day, I got a call about a form sent in yesterday, requesting services for today, November 30th. Why had the caller not received a confirmation yet?

Me: "OK, so the location would be Leiden, and the date would be..."
Her: "30-12. Today."
Me: "You mean 30-11. November would be eleven."
Her: "Yeah, that's right."
Me: "Hang on - does it say 30-12 on the form you faxed us?"
Her: "Yeah, it does. I meant 30-11, though."
Me: *Rifles through stack of requests for next month* "I think I know what's happened... Here it is. It's on the pile for December, 30-12. That's why we haven't processed it for today."
Her: "But that's wrong! It has 2-12 for a wrap-up date, so that's impossible!"
Me: "That's how we sift out the more urgent ones from the long-term requests, by the initial date on the form. We don't look at the wrap-up date until we actually process the forms."
Her: "Well, you should have! You should have realised there was something wrong! Who in their right mind would send in a request for December 30th in late November?"
Me: "Someone with foresight? Many requests are filed several months in advance."
Her: "We have business to conclude in Leiden in less than an hour! What am I supposed to do now?"
Me: "I honestly don't know, ma'am."
Her: "Oh, aren't we being helpful today? Who's in charge over there? Put me through!"
Me: "I sincerely doubt they'll be able to make much of a difference. Requests need at least six hours to be processed. We could get things sorted by tomorrow, but not before noon, either."
Her: "But I need them today!"
Me: "Yes, but today will be over in about an hour. We can't fetch you your gear within the hour, especially not if it has to be driven all the way to Leiden."
Her: "What kind of service do you call this?"
Me: "Ma'am, you can't blame us for our inability to read your mind."
Me: "Gladly, ma'am." *Hands receiver to boss-man and mouths "Good luck"*

I'd have stayed for the exchange that followed, but the sheer level of that woman's pissiness necessitated a loo break at that point. Anyway, comedy gold. I understand she must have felt horrible about such a silly mistake, but who was she trying to fool, pretending it was somehow our fault she'd stuck the wrong date on a form?

Never a dull moment. Ooh yeah.
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So'd the bitch get what was a-commin'?
I expect she got exactly diddly-squat. Ueber-boss man would have snarked her five ways from Sunday as she would undoubtedly have started threatening him with "going all the way to the top" (they always do that - as if the general in question gives a toss), but he'd gone home early. Replacement-boss man is more the type to listen patiently, then go, "Yeah, sucks to be you, ma'am, good luck with that" and hang up.

The sad thing is, she had only an hour left to think of something, and rather than using that time to try and find another way of getting a hold of what she needed, she wasted a good ten minutes attempting to establish it was all our fault. Oh, and it was our fault that she hadn't rung about it earlier, too, because the bloke I'm replacing had told her himself that it was fine to wait until an hour or two beforehand, that is, until it would be impossible to process said request anymore, before calling in. Yeah, that's exactly what one of our most capable juniors would say. How convenient he wasn't actually there yesterday.

I had no idea people actually did this sort of thing in real life. Well, I was dimly aware of it, but the main place I'd encountered it up to this point was on reality shows. *Cue "Under Pressure"*

If it weren't so sad, it'd be hilarious.
What is it she was loking for anyhow?
I have no friggin' clue. It sounded like she thought she could somehow force us to conjure her gear out of thin air if only she could convince us it was all our fault.

Or something.

As to what the gear was, *clears throat and looks important* I'm afraid I am not at liberty to discuss. Hee!