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Something that's just struck me...

Listening to Gorgeous George for the first time in ages, it's just struck me how much that quadruple four-tone sequence towards the end of the "Ecstasio" in Asyla sounds like a really disconcerting version of the quadruple four-tone sequence at the end of "The Campaign for Real Rock". I'm talking about the ironically sweet accompaniment to the "Yes, yes, yes, it's the summer festival" line.

I know Adès applies the same principle (a tone sequence repeated twice with virtually no variation, then once more with a twist - cf. the big love duet in The Tempest) more often, and of course different people get the same ideas all the time, but I find the idea of there somehow being some Edwyn in early Adès infinitely cool.

Am probably hearing things, though. It's 3 AM, and I've been writing an outline for a paper on Mozart's bookshelf since 10 PM.

P.S. There's stickers that say "I read all of Ulysses." There should be ones that say "I went to see Tristan und Isolde as a standee."
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