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Adventures in Capoeira & Blue's Worst Memory

I learned something last night. I learned that just because your pilates sessions were a doozy, you shouldn't go into the next course expecting the same. Especially when said course mainly involves doing a two-step while hunkering down, with high kicks and the odd cartwheel making up the remainder. Mind you, I'll prolly go back next week if that instructor's gonna be taking off his shirt again. Don't think he's a baritone, but in his case, two out of three ain't bad at all.

Just came back from my very first Eye Movement Desensitisation Therapy session. I suppose you could compare the experience to plunging into a Pensieve with your own worst memory in it, and a great big grandfather clock ticking loudly in the background. I don't think I posted about my diagnosis on here, sorry 'bout that. My anxiety attacks turned out to be due to post-traumatic stress, which is treatable, yay. Once I finish the EMDT, I'm hoping to start cutting my meds, maybe get off them completely my the end of this calender year. Go me.

I did post about dumping Jos, didn't I? He's in detox now, I think. I love him, I really do, and I hope we can get to the point where we can be together again. It's probably gonna take years, but hey, fingers crossed.

Tell me, people - has "Chasing Amy" always been depressing or is it just me?
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